Tracking Radio Archival Collections in Europe, 1930-1960

The TRACE project studies radio archival collections in Europe during and after World War II. It examines the processes by which these collections were created, archived, circulated and used. Focusing on radio collections in Western and Central/Eastern Europe, the project combines insights from archival studies, heritage studies and media history, and contextualises collections that were affected by conditions of war and occupation as well as the post-war division of a Cold War Europe and influence of Communism.


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🎉📣 We are thrilled to announce impresso2!
Starting in 2023, we will build a Western European corpus, integrate multilingual 🗞️newspaper & 📻radio sources and enable data-driven transnational historical research. We thank @SNSF for their trust & await formal approval by @FnrLux

📻 "2LO, Marconi House, London calling"

Today marks 100 years since the first ever BBC radio broadcast. Listen to Arthur Burrows recreating the very first announcement and find out all about the early days of radio #BBC100
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Weekend recommendation📚
In European Radio’s Silenced Witness: The European Broadcasting Union’s Written Archives, Alexander Badenoch reflects on the closure of access to this archive by examining its history as a ‘silenced witness’ in multiple respects.

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